Global Media Team

smartphone-facebook-globeAs the leader of multiple teams and by leading leaders of teams within teams, Jen Baptist co-created a Global Media Team that operated exclusively in Google Apps and social media networks. The focus of the Global Media Team was to produce content showcasing projects, foster collaboration, and train members on how to create content in support of their efforts … world-wide.

In addition to being a co-leader of the Global Media Team in general, Jen provided the leadership described below for the following teams … that combined formed the global team:

  • Social Media Team: Co-led the team leaders, composed content creation guidelines, and produced training workshops for the following sub-teams … Facebook Team, Twitter Team, LinkedIn Team, Google Apps Team, YouTube Team, MailChimp/Newsletter Team. Managed conversation within multiple online communities focused on creating teams and teamwork through online technologies across the planet. Mentored and coached others to create their brand and form campaign strategies to expand their content online.
  • Website Team: Co-led the team; composed content creation guidelines; led workshops; performed graphic and website design; and coached, composed, edited, published, and managed the translation of website articles on the team’s WordPress site.
  • Video Team: Performed video script coaching, critiqued videos submitted for approval, produced a video compilation each quarter of top videos, provided graphic design/photo editing for individual videos, managed the translation of videos into multiple languages, and produced/hosted workshops on creating powerful videos.

Jen Baptist - Global Media LeaderIn the couple years she participated on the Global Media team she successfully mentored brands in creating conversation and change in the world to … end malaria, support bully victims, empower homeless youth, increase awareness about sexual assault, double their company’s revenue, run for political office in Africa, save elephants, brand their businesses, and address child slavery. From nothing she brought together thousands in online communities and trained 100s to improve their skills in social media, branding, webdesign, video production, creating community and conversation online, and mastering Google Apps.