Intentional Branding

Are you passionate about what you are up to? Are you interested in the magic of connection online that can give you access to resources and communities that will make your vision possible? Businesses have been chasing customers online, scrambling to reach someone, to build that infamous (and authentically ineffective) email list, to find anyone who will listen. So many of us who live and work online react to the shallowness and inauthenticity of searching for customers, of making sales pitches… of sharing our lunches on Instagram. We are not authentically ourselves, and we aren’t sharing to provide value.

Jen Baptist, the creator of Just Jenuine Creations will have you, and your business, be yourself online – in a way that lands and draws people in. By working with your businesses to define who you are, such that your customers find you, and empowering people to brand themselves and their projects intentionally online. Jen has created a new approach – by leveraging the power of social media she can help you to create your authority, voice, and brand in a way that lands – for potential customers, for potential partners, and for all people who interact with your brand in the digital world.

We are living online. We connect to friends, to communities, to service providers, to family, and to customers online. Never before have our individual identities and our “brands” been so collapsed. Never before have our choices of image, copy, and design made such an impact on who we are in the world.

  • Have you struggled with stock photos and un-responsive responsive design?
  • Do your communications reach across platforms, demographics, and geographies?
  • What are you creating in your life? How does that creation communicate online?
  • Are you reaching the people who can contribute to your vision?
  • Are you able to make genuine connections online?
  • Are you fulfilling your purpose?

Jen believes that the purposeful, intentional creation of ourselves online will cause ripple effects in those areas of life that are most important to us. In other words, Just Jenuine custom web design services, genuine commission-only photography, expertise in branding and social media strategy will give you everything you need to create your perfect brand and to have your business work.

Professional Photography

It all starts with Jen Baptist’s professional photography services. From commissioned business photos to nature adventure safaris, her suite of services speaks to her commitment: Just Jenuine Creations foster intentional living in the digital realm. The first step is to create beautiful, original images that genuinely are you, building your presence online with integrity and grace.

Just Jenuine Creations specializes in:

  • Commission Photography
    • Website Photography (product, people, places)
    • Professional Portraiture
    • Live Event Photography
  • Nature Photography
    • Digital manipulation of images for online content sharing
    • Photo Safaris: experiential adventures to help you develop your own lens

Professional Portraits

As part of her suite of services, Just Jenuine Creations offers professional portraits that you can use to represent yourself everywhere … your profile pictures are you in the digital world. In fact, these days, who we portray ourselves to be online is who we are in the world. Are you happy with what people currently see? As part of our services in intentionally creating your life online, we can make sure that you love those photographs that are you in the digital realm.

Individual Sessions:

  • On-location: Outdoor or indoor (good light required if indoors)
  • Your choice of ‘traditional’, or ‘lifestyle’ type headshot
  • Select your favorite 2-3 images for retouching
  • Web-friendly image sizes and custom cropped for social media profiles
  • Travel within 2 hours of Bellingham area, fees incurred beyond that

Group Sessions:

  • Starting at 5 individuals
  • Reliable, professional and courteous with your team, community, or executives
  • Web-friendly image sizes and custom cropped for social media profiles
  • All group sessions done AT YOUR LOCATION for convenience
  • Travel within 2 hours of Bellingham area, fees incurred beyond that

Commissioned Photography

Do you have a vision for your business, event, website (or other) and can’t bring that vision through your own lens? Do you need images that represent you and your work? Or really capture the heart of your company? Just Jenuine Creations specializes in commissioned photography. Jen works with you to create images that speak your voice, while always remaining present to her commitments to beauty and communication.

Does your company or organization have an upcoming event that you would like to remember and share? Just Jenuine Creations can capture it all in high quality photos, from the event attendees, to the featured guest speakers, to the setup, and ambiance of the event.

Or maybe you are musician, dance artist, or comedian, and you need the ability to present the best image possible for your marketing and PR efforts through quality photos of your live performance.

Whether you require professional corporate event photography or live performance event photography services, Just Jenuine Creations has the vision and resources to create your event in the digital world with power and genuine beauty.

  • Unlimited image rights with complete ownership of edited files, provided in full resolution digital format via download or on CD
  • Web-friendly image sizes for usage in web galleries and custom cropped for social media profiles

Website Design

Do you want a clean, sharp, professional website design that represents you and will adapt to the future growth of your business or organization? You have found your answer with her professional web design services. Here your plans meet with her passion for design and your dreams match her dedication to providing unique, customized web design services that turn your vision into success. She can also provide ongoing website maintenance service (including renewing your images on a contract basis) and manage your web hosting and domain name registration.

Small Business Web Development Package

Then, she will work to take your website to the next level. Beyond responsive design, she can help you to create the site that will call your customers, allies and networks to you. She can also optimize your site and your operations to maximize the efficiency of online tools that enable collaboration across the world.


Social Media Strategy & Mentoring

Next, she will work with you to create your brand across social media platforms in a one-to-one mentoring relationship. She will help you to build the systems, and then to build the competencies to run the systems in your own voice.

Just Jenuine Creations can teach you how to powerfully declare the future you are creating such that your network is empowered to contribute to you and to what you are up to. First, you will learn how to share yourself in a future-based (rather than a past-based) conversation – by using technology for authentic and laser-focused sharing.

Finally, she will mentor you to intentionally interact online with those who are where you want to be, giving you the tools to create them as allies and conduits for mutual benefit. She will empower you to create yourself online and to lead intentional communities that will perpetuate your authority. Through her synthesis of authority and relationships, the customers and resources that you need will come to you… without your even looking for them!

Multi-Media Marketing

Ready to get the word out about your business, and want it to look professional on many devices/social channels? Have a campaign to launch and all the necessary design components seems overwhelming? Jen Baptist has experience in majority of the main stream email campaign software programs, and runs her project management systems in Asana to keep the process on track.