Intentional Planners

Bringing Intentions to Life

In order to powerfully create the life I desire, I crafted a planner as a tool for Intentional Living. In the world where my time commitments quite conveniently exist in the electronic ether, I discovered I needed a sacred space:

  • to express that which I desired to manifest in my life
  • to document the significant occurrences, triumphs, losses
  • to mark dates that I wanted to celebrate and/or remember,
  • and to keep a record of the journey one intentional year of life can create.

In 2013 I combined my passion for ‘jen’uinely capturing the beauty of the world in photographs and sharing the image with thought provoking quotes into an Intentional Planner. I offered it to others as a resource to empower what they are out to create in this world and put it to use in my own life. The results were ASTOUNDING! The 2014 version (see link below) caught the attention of publishers and launched intentions to life around the world, and during 2015 it has been going through a transformation to give it more power.

The revolutionized 2016 version is in development with Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House and a NEW online community is being formed. In addition to being a journal for your intentions, it will walk you through creating your intentions and ways of being, in sync with the lunar cycle, and other celestial influences to amplify your ability to create your world. Crafting one’s intentions with the cosmos at your back and sharing them within community, give your intentions WINGS to soar!

My future plans include turning the planner into an application that empowers individuals to stay present to celestial influences, electronically craft their intentions, include their own media enrichment’s, publish them to social media to expand their power through the listening of others, track their results, and at year’s end allow them to self-publish their creations into a beautiful keepsake book.

2014 Intentional Planner

2014 Intentional Planner Preview on


  1. Oh Wow! I LOVE the book format I have, but a digital one to turn into a book would be an amazing idea for a sort of scrapbook, like I keep for my kids! It could become the memoir I’d like to write if it has page options for writing longer entries!!!

    If it had customizing features, that would be helpful for families where the kids spend time at Mom’s home and Dad’s home on various/specific days of the week or year. For example, two different colors or icons, an every other week option in the repeat section, etc.

    I have been doing a lot of research to find a calendar and graphic organizer combination that would help me/people upload the calendar events to display patterns. For example, this would help track behaviors, healing journeys, health patterns to discern/aid/prevent medical issues, track periods (

    If there were a way to upload all my past Google calendar stuff, I’d even order books from past years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I just discovered your comments here … I remember responding on Facebook and want you to know I appreciate your commenting on my blog!!! I too have similar ideas with the direction of my Intentional Planner … I want it to be printable into a ‘journal’ to have as a keepsake; include a library of inspirational images; share buttons to social media; and much, much, more. I share your excitement, I have the url ready for use, am just bumping up against funding … ahhhh, the joys of launching a product/business. :o)

  2. Just to clarify about the period thing and the capability to upload past events from digital calendars…

    If there was a way to connect the digital version of your Intentional Planner with any online or digital pieces of other planning and project management apps (e.g. the Cycle Savvy stuff, then this would be an AMAZING tool for:
    * teenage girls to track their emotions and periods to find patterns, especially if it had a diary type page/field, too!
    * families who are struggling with fertility to document their emotional journey toward a family,
    * an adoption story diary
    * a way for a birth mother to record her thoughts and feelings about the child she gave up for adoption as she grieves, heals, and grows in the years between that fateful day and the day that they get to “meet” for the first time.
    * anyone obsessed with personal growth, like me, who would love to put significant events from my past journals in to reflect on my progress
    * terminally ill people who want to leave behind a thoughtful record of the living they did
    * leaders of personal growth workshops and classes to track their own journeys and inspire their students to do so, far beyond the end of their time together
    * families to collect multiple calendars when compiling family histories, geneological finds, birth stories,
    * a keepsake for memorial attendees with stories and significant events of the person who they are honoring
    * at historical sites, like Pearl Harbor or Ellis Island, for visitors to continuously add their own stories or stories passed down from their ancestors
    * for adult children collecting clues and perspectives of their birth parents’ journeys or of families divided by divorce
    * history hunters trying to piece together multiple points of view on controversial events in a community or lawsuit
    * for organizations, especially non-profit, to keep track of milestones and reflect on the difference that team members/volunteers make along the way
    * a person who is planning to be an organ/tissue donor could record things they want to share with the future recipients AND
    * a person receiving an organ/tissue/cornea could record thoughts and feelings as they faithfully keep track of taking the meds they will need to take for the rest of their lives.
    * schools & classrooms for projects and momentoes at the end of the year

    I evidently can go on and on, so if you need more marketing ideas…Leta Hamilton knows where I am!

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