Global Media Team

smartphone-facebook-globeAs the leader of multiple teams and by leading leaders of teams within teams, Jen Baptist co-created a Global Media Team that operated exclusively in Google Apps and social media networks. The focus of the Global Media Team was to produce content showcasing projects, foster collaboration, and train members on how to create content in support of their efforts … world-wide.

In addition to being a co-leader of the Global Media Team in general, Jen provided the leadership described below for the following teams … that combined formed the global team:

  • Social Media Team: Co-led the team leaders, composed content creation guidelines, and produced training workshops for the following sub-teams … Facebook Team, Twitter Team, LinkedIn Team, Google Apps Team, YouTube Team, MailChimp/Newsletter Team. Managed conversation within multiple online communities focused on creating teams and teamwork through online technologies across the planet. Mentored and coached others to create their brand and form campaign strategies to expand their content online.
  • Website Team: Co-led the team; composed content creation guidelines; led workshops; performed graphic and website design; and coached, composed, edited, published, and managed the translation of website articles on the team’s WordPress site.
  • Video Team: Performed video script coaching, critiqued videos submitted for approval, produced a video compilation each quarter of top videos, provided graphic design/photo editing for individual videos, managed the translation of videos into multiple languages, and produced/hosted workshops on creating powerful videos.

Jen Baptist - Global Media LeaderIn the couple years she participated on the Global Media team she successfully mentored brands in creating conversation and change in the world to … end malaria, support bully victims, empower homeless youth, increase awareness about sexual assault, double their company’s revenue, run for political office in Africa, save elephants, brand their businesses, and address child slavery. From nothing she brought together thousands in online communities and trained 100s to improve their skills in social media, branding, webdesign, video production, creating community and conversation online, and mastering Google Apps.

Team Google Site

Under Jen Baptist’s direction, and including her creative skills, she developed a Google Site for a team that spanned the Pacific Northwest. Ranging in size between 25-50 team members and having 6-10 sub-teams, the site provided a powerful platform for online collaboration across several states.

This team of people were producing communication courses, both locally and remotely, and working on individual projects. The private site, restricted by Google IDs, included several Calendars, a networked GDrive, reporting Forms, custom coded Sheets providing up-to-the-minute reporting and statistics, and access to guidelines in Docs.

Google Sites Bring it All TogetherIn addition to producing the site, she trained and lead a team that recreated the site every three months, due to team members changing each quarter. With each transition, permissions had to be updated and the leaders of the team and the sub-teams changed. She worked with her team and each leader to improve/alter their calendar scheduling and the functionality of their team’s reporting sheets.

Outside of having the site to capture data, many meetings and website trainings were hosted/recorded on Hangouts to great success. Managing the schedules for courses, meetings, and trainings was seemless with shared Calendars. The weekly reporting and tracking of milestones in Sheets, sometimes by multiple members simultaneously, was magical and effective. Having leaders hosting meetings with shared agendas and co-creating guidelines in Docs in real-time … priceless.

This Site brought greater connection, collaboration and increased productivity to the point of doubling the team size within the first year of use.

Logo Designs

Acting as a Creative Director working with graphic designers and/or putting her own graphic design skills into play … these are the logos Jen has created.



Lunar Intentions Logo

Mastermind Mentorships Logo

Lunar Intentions

Every month at the New Moon conditions are perfect to create one’s intentions, and when done in sync with the astrological forces at play, the universe is at our back propelling us forward – further, faster … with freedom and ease.


There are ways of being to follow with each phase of the moon, appropriate times for action, and areas of your life highlighted by cosmic activity with each New and Full Moon.

When you consciously create who you are being, envision your intentions, take effective action, and breakthrough the beliefs that exist between the present and the future you are creating … your dreams come to life!

Lunar Intentions is committed to walking you through the phases, sharing resources, and bringing community to the conversation.

Intentional Living! 2015 Wall Calendar

Within each intentional year of life, we journey through four seasons and undergo many transformations. This Intentional Living! Wall Calendar walks you through each month with perfectly paired nature photography and inspirational quotes. Draw in your intentions for the year and hang it elegantly in your daily sight … keep your intentions alive in your mind!

2015 Intentional Living! 2015 Wall Calendar Cover RGB

Intentional Living! 2015 Wall Calendar Back Cover

Click on Images to See Full Calendar

Music Matters! – Benefit Concert

Music Matters!

As some may know, I was a foster kid from age 10 – 18 … the first 10 years of my life were quite traumatic. Music was how I processed my emotions, I sang in choir everyday from age 10 on and it made all the difference. Kept me focused in school, united my energy in song with my classmates … it was better than any therapist I was sent to.

Since the day I graduated high school and became a ‘successful’ adult, I have had a dream of being able to give back. This project is a DREAM COME TRUE!!! And I don’t dream small … this performance was legendary!

Over 80 people joined in song and dance, in support of an amazing cause … to raise the astonishingly low 45% high school graduation rate of foster kids, and bring my dream to reality. We donated over $800 to Treehouse for local foster kids.

A huge heartfelt thanks goes to Geoffrey Castle for being such a spectacular musician and a powerful stand for youth to have musical expression in their lives … not just by supporting this concert, he travels to high schools around the US for special assemblies. Yep, he’s that kindof wonderful too.

Can’t encourage you enough to watch this video to see how much of a difference the special folks at Treehouse make for local foster kids:

Play Treehouse Video

This event was hosted by the loving members of my Family Covenant Circle at East Shore Unitarian Church and it is through community that 100% of the proceeds went to support foster kids having access to musical expression!

I would also like to thank the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program for providing me the tools and support to create this concert. It is through my participation at Landmark that I have redefined what is possible in my life!!!

All Mentoring Matters

All Mentoring Matters uses the latest technologies that deliver quality content, powerful leadership, and community to your computer/phone anywhere in the world you may be. Experts mentor people on subjects they are passionate about and form communities, all over the planet, via online technology, while earning a prosperous living!

All Mentoring Matters Pilot Mentorship – Rock Your Tools in partnership with Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat and Ronnie Bincer as The Hangout Helper. This mentorship had both personal and professional elements that were intended to help participants gain power and more presence in social media, give them guru status on Google+ (should they want it), empower them to reclaim their life on Facebook, strengthen their LinkedIn resume, give them a solid awareness of privacy settings, teach them HOW to get their message out via quality content by crafting powerful shares across platforms like G+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and introduce them to tools to foster business and/or deepen their social connections. The mentorship was intended to transform each mentee’s life and enrich their social relationships in ways yet imagined! And the best part… all activities were done via community and at their own convenience.

The Find Your Voice Mentorship was created to walk a group of individuals, artists, small business owners, through the process of crafting a Social Media Plan that speaks to their brand. It will bring their vision statement to their online presence and give them daily actionable steps. Throughout the program they will learn and practice creating quality content, developing relevancy in search results, becoming a trusted authority (author rank), and forming powerful social relationships. The plan will clarify their message, outline a weekly calendar of shares, automate broadcasts as needed, offer custom made templates, and provide simple checklists to ensure all relevant platforms are covered. Again, done via community and at their own convenience.

The Socialize Your Business Mentorship was made into a combination of the Rock Your Tools and Find Your Voice Mentorships, where the mentorship team custom tailors a program for your business and operates in a community made of only your business personnel. By the end of the program individual members of the company will share the social media vision and powerfully represent your brand online. The community will remain with the company as a resource that can be revisited and for new employees to engage in self study and/or be mentored from within.

All Mentoring Matters is now … Mastermind Mentorships