#FoodToGo Campaign

During the second wave of the 2020 Pandemic, The Long Beach Visitor’s Bureau had Jen Baptist create a #FoodToGo Campaign, that included a website expansion, by adding the Food To Go Section and a new page, making a blog announcement, sending it out as part of an email campaign, and sharing daily social media posts highlighting different partners throughout the month of December 2020.

Digital Marketing

During a world-wide pandemic that limited travel, marketing efforts were focused on expanding business profiles on the Long Beach Visitors Bureau’s web page, and guiding seasonal residents on how to maintain their holiday traditions while practicing social distance. Maximizing web design techniques, over 50 business profiles got enhanced from their 150px square, 72dpi, image to a professionally edited full width, 500px by 300px 300dpi showcase, to support the increase in online visitors navigating the local businesses on the Long Beach Peninsula.

In support of serving the community, the e-newsletter got an upgrade, the local athletics department brought their high school fundraiser into the digital realm, and local vendors launched their new venues by embracing take-out service as a way to serve customers where they were able to frequent and meet state regulations, so they could support small businesses through the holiday season.

‘All Wild’ Mushroom Indie Movie Release

The 2020 Wild Mushroom Celebration had the Long Beach Peninsula ‘All Wild’ recognizing the 20 year anniversary of the origins of the event with an Indie Movie release. The website got custom coded to match the Long Beach Visitors Bureau’s branding, an article published with the history, and social media shares created to acknowledge the special occasion.

Public Announcements

Razor Clamming is a Pacific Northwest Tradition, and staying up-to-date on the season requires ongoing public announcements. As part of the 2020 Clamming Season, on behalf of the Long Beach Visitors Bureau, Just Jenuine Creations designed several multi-media campaigns to keep socially distanced visitors informed and able to enjoy a special past-time during a world-wide pandemic.

With the off-n-on again travel restrictions, seasonal home owners relied upon the Long Beach Visitors Bureau to keep them safe, and share socially distanced activities during the holiday season at their homes away from home.

Ongoing Maintenance

When Pacific Realty hired Just Jenuine Creations they had two sites for their sister companies that were in varying degrees of functionality. They requested ‘matching’ sites, and support with maintaining the integrity of both til December 2021. What came to life in early 2020 are two complementary websites, that are powerfully built around uniquely robust plugins. The technology is ever changing, and Pacific Realty relied on Just Jenuine Creations to keep both sites running smoothly. Updates were performed regularly, and when the plugins changed, Jen Baptist worked with their developers to incorporate the changes into the existing designs and serve their customers through the technology. The sites today are in the hands of Pacific Realty.

Business Branding

Woody’s Septic Specialties hired Jen Baptist to build their brand. Like many businesses, they had a static website that had errors and no way to update it stuck on a server somewhere, and a business email with a generic provider. After Googling their business, they had a custom email, a powerful Google profile, and their website was within their complete control. By keeping the customer first, adding many custom forms to provide freedom and ease to making requests for services, and providing quick links to make calling/emailing a cinch on mobile, the website became a powerful tool for growing their business.

After their online presence was established, they hired Jen Baptist to formalize their signature Operations & Maintenance Program, and to custom design Woody’s specialized Inspection Form. Strengthening their brand into their quality programs.

WordPress Websites

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Just Jenuine CreationsJust Jenuine CreationsJust Jenuine CreationsJust Jenuine Creations

**As an act of service Just Jenuine Creations empowers their clients with complete autonomy over their websites, and therefore, the current state of portfolio pieces are a reflection upon the client, not the services provided.**

Global Media Team

smartphone-facebook-globeAs the leader of multiple teams and by leading leaders of teams within teams, Jen Baptist co-created a Global Media Team that operated exclusively in Google Apps and social media networks. The focus of the Global Media Team was to produce content showcasing projects, foster collaboration, and train members on how to create content in support of their efforts … world-wide.

In addition to being a co-leader of the Global Media Team in general, Jen provided the leadership described below for the following teams … that combined formed the global team:

  • Social Media Team: Co-led the team leaders, composed content creation guidelines, and produced training workshops for the following sub-teams … Facebook Team, Twitter Team, LinkedIn Team, Google Apps Team, YouTube Team, MailChimp/Newsletter Team. Managed conversation within multiple online communities focused on creating teams and teamwork through online technologies across the planet. Mentored and coached others to create their brand and form campaign strategies to expand their content online.
  • Website Team: Co-led the team; composed content creation guidelines; led workshops; performed graphic and website design; and coached, composed, edited, published, and managed the translation of website articles on the team’s WordPress site.
  • Video Team: Performed video script coaching, critiqued videos submitted for approval, produced a video compilation each quarter of top videos, provided graphic design/photo editing for individual videos, managed the translation of videos into multiple languages, and produced/hosted workshops on creating powerful videos.

Jen Baptist - Global Media LeaderIn the couple years she participated on the Global Media team she successfully mentored brands in creating conversation and change in the world to … end malaria, support bully victims, empower homeless youth, increase awareness about sexual assault, double their company’s revenue, run for political office in Africa, save elephants, brand their businesses, and address child slavery. From nothing she brought together thousands in online communities and trained 100s to improve their skills in social media, branding, webdesign, video production, creating community and conversation online, and mastering Google Apps.

Team Google Site

Under Jen Baptist’s direction, and including her creative skills, she developed a Google Site for a team that spanned the Pacific Northwest. Ranging in size between 25-50 team members and having 6-10 sub-teams, the site provided a powerful platform for online collaboration across several states.

This team of people were producing communication courses, both locally and remotely, and working on individual projects. The private site, restricted by Google IDs, included several Calendars, a networked GDrive, reporting Forms, custom coded Sheets providing up-to-the-minute reporting and statistics, and access to guidelines in Docs.

Google Sites Bring it All TogetherIn addition to producing the site, she trained and lead a team that recreated the site every three months, due to team members changing each quarter. With each transition, permissions had to be updated and the leaders of the team and the sub-teams changed. She worked with her team and each leader to improve/alter their calendar scheduling and the functionality of their team’s reporting sheets.

Outside of having the site to capture data, many meetings and website trainings were hosted/recorded on Hangouts to great success. Managing the schedules for courses, meetings, and trainings was seemless with shared Calendars. The weekly reporting and tracking of milestones in Sheets, sometimes by multiple members simultaneously, was magical and effective. Having leaders hosting meetings with shared agendas and co-creating guidelines in Docs in real-time … priceless.

This Site brought greater connection, collaboration and increased productivity to the point of doubling the team size within the first year of use.

Logo Designs

Acting as a Creative Director working with graphic designers and/or putting her own graphic design skills into play … these are the logos Jen has created.



Lunar Intentions Logo

Mastermind Mentorships Logo