Photography Licenses

PERSONAL USE – With email consent ONLY!

ANY use of photos without the written release from the artist is copyright infringement and subject to fees and penalties. In this digital age a simple reverse search will uncover your usage. Facebook now uses recognition software to block such acts. If you want to use Just Jenuine Creations online for personal use, contact Jen Baptist, and request it. Without her consent you are liable for fines starting at $300.


1200 x 800px @ 300dpi (landscape)
800 x 1200px @ 300dpi (portrait)
1200 x 1200px @ 300dpi (square)

An unlimited number of impressions of this image on a single website, online advertising network or social network website.

Worldwide, non-transferable, non-exclusive usage. You must purchase a separate license for each additional use.


6311 x 4200px @ 1000dpi (landscape)
2795 x 4200px @ 1000dpi (portrait)
4200 x 4200px @ 1000dpi (square)

Worldwide, all-media with no expiry. A multi-seat license with unlimited impressions. Perfect for commercial or editorial use, advertising, and product packaging.


6311 x 4200px @ 1000dpi (landscape)
2795 x 4200px @ 1000dpi (portrait)
4200 x 4200px @ 1000dpi (square)

Enhanced license grant which includes the ability to incorporate the image into print or electronic products for resale or distribution (including templates and on-demand products).

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