The Birth of a Blog

Should be considered an important event, but in reality it is more humbling for me than any other form of self-expression I’ve conquered. The thought of sharing truly quite daunting, the legs of my voice weak at best, and yet I step to the challenge by sharing the moment I became a photographer.

It happened on June 9th, 2005… when intent became reality. I remember the moment that intent was verbalized clearly, I had just finished a delicious dinner of clam chowder & fresh seafood, while socializing and laughing upon the patio of Mo’s Restaurant in Cannon Beach, OR and the sun was almost done making a spectacular decent when the call came to me… I turned to my friends and unexpectedly said, ‘would you please excuse me, I need to go take an amazing photograph of our sunset?’ I don’t recall waiting for a response, in no time I was off the patio and my toes were in the sand. At precisely 8:56 pm I answered the call and my intent became this reality…

The significance of the event truly escaped me at the time, it was weeks, months, and years later that it became recognized in my mind as a birth. The writing of a blog sort of feels the same way to me. When I released the shutter, literally basking in the beauty of an amazing sunset, I didn’t think many would even notice if I did or did not live up to my word… I was doing it because something pulled me to it. It was an act of the heart. That night the call took up residence, a photographer was born, and since that day more realities have been created. Today the pull is to share my intent & the experiences that surround my captures, so therefore… I blog.