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The Intentional Living! 2015 Wall Calendar

Within each intentional year of life, we journey through four seasons and undergo many transformations. This Intentional Living! Wall Calendar walks you through each month with perfectly paired nature photography and inspirational quotes. Draw in your intentions for the year and hang it elegantly in your daily sight … keep your intentions alive in your mind!

Take your intentions to the next level!

I am playing a game that will transform the conversation on social media from people commenting on our past, to a resource that empowers others to contribute to our future. Through sharing our intentions and being intentional with how we engage on social networks, we create a structure for accountability and an opportunity for people to bring our intentions to life.

Will you play with me?

The Secret to having your intentions fulfilled lives in declaration, in knowing it lives outside of your mind, and is present in your life! Intentions become reality when we believe them, and during the times we struggle to believe in ourselves, having a community pulling for our success ensures we breakthrough that which may have stopped us otherwise.

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Disappearance of Fear

Disappearance of Fear

On this 2014 Winter Solstice …

I am creating the intention of Love,
the disappearance of fear.

The heralding of light,
the loss of darkness.