Intentional Planner

Bringing Intentions to Life

In order to powerfully create the life I desire, I crafted a planner as a tool for Intentional Living. In the world where my time commitments quite conveniently exist in the electronic ether, I discovered I needed a sacred space:

  • to express that which I desired to manifest in my life
  • to document the significant occurrences, triumphs, losses
  • to mark dates that I wanted to celebrate and/or remember,
  • and to keep a record of the journey one intentional year of life can create.

In 2013 I combined my passion for ‘jen’uinely capturing the beauty of the world in photographs and sharing the image with thought provoking quotes into an Intentional Planner. I offered it to others as a resource to empower what they are out to create in this world and put it to use in my own life. The results were ASTOUNDING! The 2014 version (see link below) caught the attention of publishers and launched intentions to life around the world, and during 2015 it has been going through a transformation to give it more power.

The Intentional Living! Facebook Community is thriving. Within that community we are transforming the conversation on social media from people commenting on our past, to a resource that empowers others to contribute to our future. Through sharing our intentions and being intentional with how we engage on social networks, we create a structure for accountability and an opportunity for people to bring our intentions to life.

Will you play with us?

It’s simple … join the Facebook Closed Group, invite 5 to 10 of your friends and family to do the same, share your intentions to the group! Others in the group will support you and your friends and family will be listening for your greatness. The Secret to having your intentions fulfilled lives in declaration, in knowing that it exists outside of your mind, and is present in your life! Then when you achieve your intention, or not … celebrate it, by sharing that too!

The revolutionized next version is in development with Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House and is now branded as Lunar Intentions. In addition to being a journal for your intentions, it will walk you through creating your intentions and ways of being, in sync with the lunar cycle, and other celestial influences to amplify your ability to create your world. Crafting one’s intentions with the cosmos at your back and sharing them within community, give your intentions WINGS to soar!

My future plans include turning the planner into an application that empowers individuals to stay present to celestial influences, electronically craft their intentions, include their own media enrichment’s, publish them to social media to expand their power through the listening of others, track their results, and at year’s end allow them to self-publish their creations into a beautiful keepsake book.

2014 Intentional Planner

2014 Intentional Planner Preview on