All Mentoring Matters

All Mentoring Matters uses the latest technologies that deliver quality content, powerful leadership, and community to your computer/phone anywhere in the world you may be. Experts mentor people on subjects they are passionate about and form communities, all over the planet, via online technology, while earning a prosperous living!

All Mentoring Matters Pilot Mentorship – Rock Your Tools in partnership with Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat and Ronnie Bincer as The Hangout Helper. This mentorship had both personal and professional elements that were intended to help participants gain power and more presence in social media, give them guru status on Google+ (should they want it), empower them to reclaim their life on Facebook, strengthen their LinkedIn resume, give them a solid awareness of privacy settings, teach them HOW to get their message out via quality content by crafting powerful shares across platforms like G+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and introduce them to tools to foster business and/or deepen their social connections. The mentorship was intended to transform each mentee’s life and enrich their social relationships in ways yet imagined! And the best part… all activities were done via community and at their own convenience.

The Find Your Voice Mentorship was created to walk a group of individuals, artists, small business owners, through the process of crafting a Social Media Plan that speaks to their brand. It will bring their vision statement to their online presence and give them daily actionable steps. Throughout the program they will learn and practice creating quality content, developing relevancy in search results, becoming a trusted authority (author rank), and forming powerful social relationships. The plan will clarify their message, outline a weekly calendar of shares, automate broadcasts as needed, offer custom made templates, and provide simple checklists to ensure all relevant platforms are covered. Again, done via community and at their own convenience.

The Socialize Your Business Mentorship was made into a combination of the Rock Your Tools and Find Your Voice Mentorships, where the mentorship team custom tailors a program for your business and operates in a community made of only your business personnel. By the end of the program individual members of the company will share the social media vision and powerfully represent your brand online. The community will remain with the company as a resource that can be revisited and for new employees to engage in self study and/or be mentored from within.

All Mentoring Matters is now … Mastermind Mentorships