Music Matters! – Benefit Concert

Music Matters!

As some may know, I was a foster kid from age 10 – 18 … the first 10 years of my life were quite traumatic. Music was how I processed my emotions, I sang in choir everyday from age 10 on and it made all the difference. Kept me focused in school, united my energy in song with my classmates … it was better than any therapist I was sent to.

Since the day I graduated high school and became a ‘successful’ adult, I have had a dream of being able to give back. This project is a DREAM COME TRUE!!! And I don’t dream small … this performance was legendary!

Over 80 people joined in song and dance, in support of an amazing cause … to raise the astonishingly low 45% high school graduation rate of foster kids, and bring my dream to reality. We donated over $800 to Treehouse for local foster kids.

A huge heartfelt thanks goes to Geoffrey Castle for being such a spectacular musician and a powerful stand for youth to have musical expression in their lives … not just by supporting this concert, he travels to high schools around the US for special assemblies. Yep, he’s that kindof wonderful too.

Can’t encourage you enough to watch this video to see how much of a difference the special folks at Treehouse make for local foster kids:

Play Treehouse Video

This event was hosted by the loving members of my Family Covenant Circle at East Shore Unitarian Church and it is through community that 100% of the proceeds went to support foster kids having access to musical expression!

I would also like to thank the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program for providing me the tools and support to create this concert. It is through my participation at Landmark that I have redefined what is possible in my life!!!